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Our homes are built to High Performance Custom Specifications, below you can see the manufactures standard specifications.








~ 24'-25' wide units - 16 OC 2x8 floor joist with solid wood bridging, double 2 x 8 S.P.F. perimeter

joists glued and nailed under load bearing walls and double 2 x 8 S.Y.P. perimeter

joist in each box under marriage wall

~ 26'-31' wide units - 16 OC 2 x 10 S.P.F. floor joists with solid wood bridigin and double 2 x 10

S.P.F. perimeter joists glued and nailed under load bearing walls.

~ 3/4 Tongue and groove OSB subfloor glued and nailed.


~ 2 x 4 S.P.F. Studs, 16 OC exterior wall construction with a single bottom plate , double top plate for all load bearing walls including R-13 fiberglass insulation.

~ Double 2 x 3 S.P.F. marriage wall, 16 OC

~ 7/16" OSB exterior wall sheathing


~ 2 x 4 S.P.F. studs, 24" OC interior wall partitions with a single bottom plate and a single top plate.

~ 1/2" Drywall interior finish with two coats of PRIMER PAINT.

~ 8' Ceiling height


~ 7/12 STD Truss roof 24" OC

~ 1/2" OSB Sheathing

~ 30 Year architectural shingles installed over roof paper underlayent and aluminum drip edge.

~ Ice and Water Barrier - 3'

~ R-30 fiberglass ceiling insulation

~ Double 2 x 12 S.P.F. perimeter joists and 2 x 6 S.P.F ceiling joists, 16 OC

~ 5/8" Drywall ceiling

~ Shingle over ridge vent

~ 10" Eave overhangs with aluminum fascia and vinly venter soffit (24&25 wide have fixed eaves)

~ 1-1/2 Gable overhangs with aluminum fascia


~ 25 Ounce FHA approved caret with 7/16" x 6 pound FHA approved re-bond pad.

~ Vinly floor covering installed in kitchen, baths and utility rooms.

~ Six panel white hollow-core colonial doors, pre-hung on wood jambs with matching colonial

moldings pre-finished white.

~ 2-1/4" colonial pine casing and 3-1/4" colonial pine base pre-finished white

~ Privacy lock sets on doors to baths and master bedroom in satin nickel, remainder are pasage.

~ Door stops

~ Vented pantry and closet shelves with clothes bar.


~ Fiberglass insulated six-panel front door and fiberglass insulated rear door with half glass, or vinyl

patio ( floor plan will dictate )

~ White vinyl tilt, single hung windows with stools and screens ( Low E specs )

~ Vinyl siding, available in double 4" or Dutch Lap (double 5") over 7/16" OSB exterior wall sheathing.

~ Aluminum fascia and vented vinyl soffit

~ Exterior porch lights in brushed nickel

~ Front and rear door bells ( 2 locations )


~ Washerless faucets

~ Pex fresh water supply lines stubbed through floor

~ Shut-off valves on each fixture

~ Tub/Shower valves with integral stops

~ PVC schedule 40 drain, waste and vent system


~ Wired per National Electrical Code

~ 200 AMP, 40 Space main service panel box with main breaker, individual ciruit breakers and cover

~ Two exterior weatherproof receptacles at kitchen countertop and at lavatories

~ White toggle switches and receptacles throughout

~ AC/DC smoke detectors - one per floor and one each bedroom

~ Ceiling lights in kitchen, dining room, hall, foyer, stairwells and above kitchen sink in brushed nickel

~ Fan/light combination and medicine cabinet light in all baths

~ 3-way switch, wire and J-box for attic light ( Attic truss only )

~ STD location for thermostat wires will be on the living room marriage wall for 1st floor, and on hall

wall for second floor unless called out otherwise by builder

~ 1 CO2 Detector per home

~ NEC Arc fault protection in bedroom locations


~ Electric baseboard heat wit individual wall mounted thermostats in each room -90 degrees max

(except 75 degrees in NY per code) or hot water baseboard heating elements

( hot water baseboard on second floor of 2 story is optional charge )

~ Heat plant for hot water baseboard installed on site by builder


~ Merillat Essentials Cabinetry with matching toekick - Oak door in recessed panel or Pemberton

raised panel design

~ Laminate self-edge countertp with backsplash

~ 30" Vented range hood with light in white or biscuit

~ Double bowl 8" deep stainless steel sink with single-lever faucet assembly and sprayer

~ Crown molding over wall cabinets


~ 60" one piece fiberglass tub/shower combination

~ Fiberglass shower stall ( floor plan dictates )

~ Anti-scald valves in tubs and showers

~ Elongated 1/6 gallon low flow water closet

~ Vanity cabinets to match kitchen cabinets

~ Cultured marble swirl top with integral oval bowl and single ever faucet

~ Medicine cabinet with light

~ Combination fan/liight ventilation unit

~ Towel bar and toilet paper holder

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