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Here you will be able to view some our Cape style homes. There are many styles of capes some of which include vaulted chalets, winged capes, half vaults and capes with a second floor finished or unfinished storage space. Click the tabs in the column to the left below modular capes and see some of the styles we have constructed.


Below are a couple pictures of a Cape High Performance Modular built in Chatham, Mass. This is a four box modular cape with a loft (half vault) and a vaulted decorative dormer. It also had two incorporated porches with a breakfast nook that bumped out. 

custom modular cape chattham mass. walk out basment modular home
walkout basement drive under garage modular home

Custom cape set in Chatham Mass.

modular home, story and a half, colonial modular
4 box cape with attached garage modular cape style home moretown vt

Four box finished cape set in Moretown, Vt

cape chalet, modular cape chalet, vaulted cape, modular cape, mountian side hom
vaulted cape, lots of windows, modular vaulted ceiling

Vaulted Cape Chalet set in Westfield, Vt

Cape with attached garage set in Underhill, VT

modular end elevation custom modula

Porch on a end elevation cape style modular home

end elevation cape style modular

End elevation Cape style modular 

custom modular ranch with two roof lines

Custom design modular  ranch with two roof lines

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