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About High Performance Modular Homes, LLC

We offer Excel, Icon Legacy and Professional Building Systems homes. Our goal is provide the best customer service and offer a better built modular home for a lower cost than our competition. We have over a decade of experience in the industry and have general contracted over 200 homes. We strive to provide the best possible experience in home building.

We know the building process can be overwhelming. That is why we offer assistance with virtually all aspects of the construction process.


                 * Land Searches                                     * Excavation

                 * Well Drilling                                         * Installations of septic systems

                 * Foundations                                         * Electrical services

                 * Heating systems


We also help with coordination for the bank and town inspections when needed and will bring your home to 100% completion.



Here we want the customer to relax and enjoy the experience of building a new home. If you don't understand the specifics of construction we will walk you thru each step so that you are comfortable with your decision each and every day.


Your modular home is typically ready for occupancy within a four-month period from closing the loan.


High Performance Modular Homes, LLC does not have a costly model home center with high overhead and because of that our cost to run a business are kept to a minimum. We can pass those savings on to you and offer the same home for a lower price than the competition. Bring your plans and pricing and we guarantee we will beat their price. We provide the highest specifications on our homes for the least cost.

Always there to make sure things go according to our plans we make together!




Karen A. Gagne' - President
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